Which iPad Do I Have?

Oh, no, you broke your iPad screen! The good news: it can be easily fixed, usually for less than a quarter of replacing it with a new one. But now, you’re looking for pricing on getting your iPad back to new, no problem! Use our handy table below to help you find our what generation iPad you have along with the cost of replacing the screen. If you need any help, give us a call or swing into any of our locations to have a Repair Tech help you.

(Yes the model numbers are very small! We won’t judge you for putting your “cheaters” on!)

1. Look at the back of your iPad, pictured below.
2. Under where it says “iPad” you’ll see very small text.
3. Put those glasses on and you’ll read “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China. MODEL A****
4. Take the model and match it up in the table below. Now you know what model and the price to get it repaired!



iPad Model Number

iPad model Version number Screen Replacement Price
iPad (aka iPad 1) A1219 (Wi-Fi version)
A1337 (Wi-Fi + cellular version)
iPad 2 A1395 (Wi-Fi version)
A1397 or A1396 (Wi-Fi + cellular versions)
Introduced March 2011.
iPad 3 (third generation) AKA “New iPad” A1416 (Wi-Fi version)
A1430 or A1403 (Wi-Fi + cellular versions)
Introduced March 2012.
iPad 4 (fourth generation) A1458 (Wi-Fi version)
A1459 or A1460 (Wi-Fi + cellular versions)
Introduced November 2012.
iPad Air (iPad Air 1) A1474 (Wi-Fi version)
A1475 (Wi-Fi + cellular version)
Introduced November 2013.
iPad Air 2 A1566 (Wi-Fi version)
A1567 (Wi-Fi + cellular versions)
Introduced October 2014.
iPad mini 1 A1432 (Wi-Fi version)
A1454 or A1455 (Wi-Fi + cellular versions)
Introduced October 2012.
iPad mini 2 (iPad mini w/Retina display) A1489 (Wi-Fi version)
A1490 (Wi-Fi + cellular version)
Introduced November 2013.
iPad mini 3 A1599 (Wi-Fi version)
A1600 (Wi-Fi + cellular version)
Introduced October 2014.
iPad mini 4 A1538 (Wi-Fi version)
A1550 (Wi-Fi + cellular version)
Introduced September 2015.
iPad Pro 12.9in, Gen 1 A1584 (Wi-Fi version)
A1652 (Wi-Fi + cellular version)
Introduced September 2015.
iPad Pro 9.7in A1673 (Wi-Fi version)
A1674 or A1675 (Wi-Fi + cellular version)
Introduced March 2016.
iPad (5th Generation, 2017) A1822 (Wi-Fi version)
A1823 (Wi-Fi + cellular version)
Introduced March 2017.
iPad Pro 10.5 A1701 (Wi-Fi version)
A1709 (Wi-Fi + cellular version)
Introduced June 2017.
iPad Pro 12.9in, Gen 2 A1670 (Wi-Fi version)
A1671 (Wi-Fi + cellular version)
Introduced June 2017.
iPad (6th Generation, 2018) A1893 (Wi-Fi)
A1954 (Wi-Fi + cellular)
Introduced March 2018.
iPad Pro 11in. (2018) A1980 (Wi-Fi)
A2013 or A1934 (Wi-Fi + cellular)
Introduced October 2018.
iPad Pro 12.9in, Gen 3 A1876 (Wi-Fi)
A2014 or A1895 (Wi-Fi + cellular)
Introduced October 2018.