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What We Do.

NH iPhone Repair is your local trusted repair shop. We offer outstanding quality repairs for a better price and turn around time than the leading manufacturers. We offer repairs on all the major manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola and more! Not only do we do repairs we also Buy and Sell Apple devices!

Why We Do It.

We do it because we care about people having the option to fix what they already own. We want the world to know you don’t have to trade up to the next most expensive thing. You can fix the device you already own for less than half the cost of a new device. Also NH iPhone Repair supports the green initiative by repairing instead of upgrading. This greatly decreases the amount of e-waste these larger companies generate each year by throwing your old device into landfills after you trade.

What We Offer You.

NH iPhone Repair offers all their employees a chance to be part of a successful small business and grow with us. All employees get unlimited unpaid time off and after your first 90 days, two weeks of paid time off is added! NH iPhone Repair also treats their employees with the respect they deserve, through positive reinforcement, and recognition when our employees are doing their best. NH iPhone Repair believes in a work life balance and our schedule reflects that greatly.

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