Did you know your charging cable may be damaging your device? Although each cable may look the same, they are far from it.

There is a reason some charging cables sell for $2.99 and others boast a price tag of $25. The variance in cost is due to Apple’s licensing program known as “Made for iPhone” or “MFI”. Within MFI certified cables lie proprietary components that monitor the amperage flow into your device. These components protect against surges in power and over charging. Non-genuine or “gas station” chargers that are not MFI certified will prompt error messages such as “accessory not supported” as well as damage your battery or even worse – your motherboard.

Common symptoms of exposure to non Apple certified cables include a loss in battery life, inconsistent or “finicky” charging as well as slow charging speeds. To combat the negative effects of poor charging habits, a battery replacement is recommended. For most devices these replacements come at an affordable fee and can be done quickly. Once the battery has been replaced the device will function and hold its charge as if it were new.

Now comes the most important step, toss those cheap cables and purchase an Apple authorized cable. These cables do not have to be directly from Apple. Brands such as Griffin, Scosche and Belkin are great alternatives to an OEM Apple charger and come with the same peace of mind. At NH iPhone Repair we pride ourselves in our vast selection of charging accessories. All three locations are stocked with a variety or length, color and brands to keep your device charged when you need it most.

Not sure if your cables are MFI certified? Fear not. At NH iPhone Repair each shop is equipped with an industry leading MFI tester. These devices allow us to plug in a charging cable and determine its origin, internal components and date of production. Remember, all cables that are Apple certified will be marked as “made for iPhone” on the packaging. Visit any of our three convenient locations in Bedford, Salem and Portsmouth for all charging solutions, phone accessories and device needs.