Thinking of buying a used phone to cost less money but worried if it’s worth it? Here are some things you should know. Phones have become expensive over time. They even directly compete with Apple’s iPhone in pricing. Consequently, you can consider buying a used Android phone that you can save instead of buying a new one. You just have to check a few things when buying a used phone. You can get used phones in either refurbished phones or buy them directly from the current users. This could also include brand new previous generation models.
  1. Ask The Seller For The Device Purchase Receipt
If you want to ensure the phone is not stolen, you can ask for the purchase receipt to validate. If the seller doesn’t have the receipt, ask for the IMEI number for Android devices and IMEI/MEID number for iPhones. Then check with the carrier if the device is compatible with your carrier.
  1. Check the Device For Physical Damage
Smartphones are often abused, so inspect if any physical abuses might have decreased their life span from every angle. Remove all stickers or skins present at the back or front of the phone to see if foul scratches or dents are hiding on the screen. That also applies to tempered glass, check for any scratches underneath or cracks on the screen. Meeting the seller in person is the best way to buy a used phone because you can scrutinize for any issues and be sure in buying it depending on its condition. You can see it in person if there is any battery issue, water damage, non-functioning buttons, and such. Buying directly on eBay is not advisable. The water damage indicator is only for iPhones only.
  1. Ask For The Original Power Brick And Data Cable
The stock charger that comes in the box has great quality and speed. Thus, it’s always better to ask for the original charger and data cable, or else you might need to spend extra money to buy a good one. Try negotiating with the seller to cover up the cost of buying them in that case.
  1. Keep An Eye On The Battery Percentage
A typical Lithium-ion battery in Smartphones usually lasts for two years, depending on how much the phone is used. It’s good to check the battery health of the phone even if it’s refurbished or used. To check the battery health for the iPhone, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. The ideal battery health for an iPhone is around 80% after 500 charging cycles, this is according to Apple. Since Android doesn’t have a Battery Health option like the iPhone, it’s crucial to check it before buying the phone. Try using the device for 5 to 10 minutes and see if the battery discharges rapidly. If it is, you might need to add another expense to get the battery replaced. Buying a used phone with a half-dead battery is not a good idea. Try to negotiate this with the seller also to cover up the battery replacement cost too.
  1. Ask If The Phone Has Undergone Repairs
This is one of the most important tips to remember when buying a used phone. If the seller said the phone has not undergone repairs to non-professionals, closely check the edge where the phone’s frame and display connect because you can easily see if there is a replaced screen. You can also see if the phone is refurbished by a professional by checking its parts and service history on the phone. Reconsider if there are too many repairs, for it probably wouldn’t last more.
  1. Test If All Internal Components Work
After you receive the device in your hand, check for the following components if they are functioning well.
  • Power and volume rockers
  • Charging port
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Proximity sensor and ambient light sensor
  • Phone’s bottom-firing speaker
  1. Check How Old The Phone Is
Some sellers say that the phone is in warranty when it’s not. So receipt is really important. If there’s no receipt, but does have the original box, and accessories, and if the device is in great condition, you can check how old the phone is by visiting the website and entering the IMEI number. Then under “free checks”, find and click on the option that has the phone’s manufacturer’s name followed by SN and Warranty at the end. Then wait for at least 10 minutes for the website to show the actual age of the phone.  Undoubtedly, buying second-hand phones is cheaper. But you also have to be keen to avoid getting hoaxed and spend more money just for improvements. It also contributes a less but significant part to saving the environment. E-waste side effects are really bad. These are full of toxins that affect not only the environment but also human health. The best-used phones to buy are those that haven’t been used for more than 18 months. If you’re looking for old phones to buy, remember to be wise.