With all the news about sanitizing and disinfecting your home during the Covid-19 pandemic, you may be missing one of the most potentially infectious items you own – your phone.

Why disinfect your phone?

To many of us, our phones are a third hand. We take them out to read the latest coronavirus news, we take them out to check in our families, we take them out the see if anyone we know has gotten sick, we take them out to add an item to our grocery list – and we take them out at the grocery store. Since many people are doing the smart thing and self-isolating in their homes, the only time that we really go out is to go to the store. Some people may wear masks and gloves while out of the home, but they often don’t think about the cross-contamination that results when they touch their phones. So, everything you’ve touched is now on your phone – which will be carried into your home, potentially infecting you and your family. 

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Cross-contamination isn’t the only safety concern our phones bring. According to this Times article, your cell phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. With the amount that we use our phones, it’s no surprise that they’re as filthy as they are. So, the next time you’re cooking from a recipe you found on your phone, or even when you itch your eye while scrolling through Facebook, think about where your phone has been. When was the last time you cleaned yours?

How to disinfect your phone

Step 1: Turn off your phone

Whether your phone is waterproof or not, it’s always a good idea to power down your phone before getting it wet. Taking this step will ensure the safety of your phone and keep it running the way it should once it’s clean. 

Step 2: Disinfect your phone

While some products do state that they are safe on phone screens, such as Lysol wipes, any product that doesn’t contain bleach and states that it sanitizes or disinfects surfaces will do. You will want to remove your phone case before cleaning. If you are using a spray, do not spray your phone directly, and try to steer clear of its ports. Wipe your phone thoroughly with the cleaner. Never submerge your device. If your phone ever does get water damage, we can repair that!

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Step 3: Air dry your phone

Before turning your phone back on, you will want to leave it out to dry completely. Play it safe and don’t turn your phone back on while it’s still wet. 

Step 4: Disinfect your phone case

Not only does your phone carry potentially infectious germs on it, but so does your phone case! Cases made out of porous materials, such as leather or cloth, should be avoided at this time since they are difficult or impossible to sanitize. You’ll want to clean your case the same way you disinfected your phone. Remember to be thorough, and if your phone case has crevices or multiple parts to it, make sure to sanitize each part completely. 

How to keep your phone clean

Now that you’ve disinfected your phone, how do you keep it clean? With our world’s current state, you should ideally sanitize your phone every day, especially right when you come home after being out. If you want to prevent your phone (and your family) from being exposed at all, you could refrain from touching your phone while you’re outside. Simple steps, such as writing a paper grocery list or even keeping your phone in your car while you’re at the store can save you from worrying about a potentially infectious phone. We still advise you to disinfect your phone as often as possible. And remember, if you’re washing your hands more often during this pandemic, you should also be sanitizing your phone more often!

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